Relocation & Moving Insurance

Insurance, also referred to as protection coverage, is a type of purchase that may initially appear to lack benefits or seem like a significant waste of your hard-earned money. You invest in a premium to safeguard your belongings, and more often than not, nothing untoward occurs. Although this is a positive outcome, you might perceive it as a needless expenditure of funds.
Relocation and Moving insurance

We understand your concerns and agree that insurance can be a peculiar concept. It may seem unnecessary until an unfortunate event occurs, leaving you with fewer belongings and a sense of regret for not having obtained insurance instead of trying to save a little money.

A similar analogy can be drawn to car cameras that record while you drive. Although they don’t offer daily benefits, they provide immense value on the day when an intoxicated driver enters your lane in the wrong direction. In such a situation, knowing that you are financially and legally protected because of the camera would bring great satisfaction.

Considering the significant value of the items you are moving, as evident by your choice to hire a professional moving company like us, it would be a disservice to yourself if you didn’t opt for some form of insurance. This is solely our professional opinion, and ultimately, the decision is yours. If you ever find yourself uncertain about the necessity of insurance or the best insurance option for your specific situation, our specialists are always available to assist you in making the most informed choice.

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International Move Insurance

Undoubtedly, an international move carries a significantly higher risk of damage to your belongings compared to a domestic move. Factors such as long transit times at sea, ever-changing weather conditions, and various other variables contribute to the increased need for protection coverage.


As expected, a higher level of risk corresponds to a higher cost. However, we are pleased to inform you that USP Relocations (Thailand) provides transit insurance options that are remarkably affordable and tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Lump Sum Protection Coverage

Lump Sum is one of easiest and one of the most chosen forms of protection coverage taken.

How does the Lump Sum option work?

1. Our team of specialists will carefully calculate the Total Volume of your shipment.

2. Let’s assume that the total volume of your shipment is 20 Cubic Meters (20 CBM).

3. Next, we determine the Total Value by multiplying the value per 1 CBM by your total volume. For instance: 20 CBM (Your volume) x $3,000 USD (estimated value per CBM) = $60,000 USD.

4. Therefore, the total value of all your goods amounts to $60,000 USD.

5. Now, let’s discuss the cost to cover this value. We multiply the total value by the international premium rate, which stands at 3.5%.
For example: $60,000 USD x 3.5% = $2,100.

6. By opting for the Lump Sum coverage, you pay only $2,100 USD to protect goods worth up to $60,000 USD. It’s indeed a favorable deal.


Lump Sum

Detailed Inventory

This option has the potential to be more cost-effective compared to the Lump Sum option. However, it is generally recommended for individuals with smaller shipments, as it requires more effort on your part.

How does the Detailed Inventory option work?

1) As the name suggests, you will need to create a comprehensive list of all the items you intend to ship and assign a value to each item. It’s important to note that this list should encompass all items and cannot be limited to just a few. While we understand it would be convenient to do so, unfortunately, there are no insurance companies that offer such an option.

Here’s an example of how the list could look:

1x 3 Seat Sofa @ $1,000 USD
1x Flat Screen HD TV @ $2,000 USD
20 pairs of men’s jeans @ $60.00 per pair = $1,200 USD
And so on…

2) Once you have listed everything and calculated the total value, the process becomes straightforward. The remaining steps follow the same calculation method as the Lump Sum option, with a 3.5% premium.

Insurance for Domestic Moves

As previously mentioned, domestic moves generally involve lower risks of loss or damage. Consequently, the premium you pay for insurance is significantly lower compared to international move insurance.

The coverage options and process remain the same for both international and domestic moves, with the main distinction being the premium. For domestic moves, the premium is only 1.5%, which is almost half of the international rate.

Now, you might be questioning the necessity of insurance for a move within the same city or just a few kilometers away. It’s a valid question. To address it, while it may initially seem absurd to purchase insurance for a one-day, short-distance move, we can assure you that it is not unreasonable at all. In fact, it would be even more imprudent not to have insurance.

Take Bangkok, Thailand, for example, which is known for its exceptionally congested traffic. Thailand as a whole experiences some of the highest motor vehicle accident rates globally. Despite our highly skilled drivers, we cannot control the actions of other drivers who may run red lights or drive the wrong way on busy highways. Unfortunately, these incidents occur frequently. This is precisely why we strongly recommend obtaining some form of insurance. As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry.”

Insurance for Domestic Moves


If you have any confusion or further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to our Moving Specialists at any time. They are dedicated to assisting you and will be delighted to provide guidance. During the pre-move survey, our specialists will thoroughly explain both options and assist you in determining the most suitable International Transit Insurance based on your specific circumstances and budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice and support.

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