Thailand Domestic Moves and Local Moves

It is highly likely that you have encountered, searched for, or heard of the following terms while seeking assistance from a company for your relocation within Thailand:

In essence, they all mean the same thing, which is relocating from one residence to another within the same country. To simplify matters, let us refer to it as “Domestic Moves” when it comes to an inter-city or an inter-province relocation and call it a “Local Move” when the relocation is made within the same city or same province.

Whether you are relocating to a neighboring home or the other side of the city, or even to the serene islands of Phuket or the mountainous area of Chiangmai with its delightful weather, you can rely on USP Relocations for a smooth and efficient transition.

USP Relocations is handling any domestic move within the borders of the Kingdom of Thailand. With our two branches in Phuket and in Bangkok, we are recognized as one of the premier Domestic Home Removal Companies in Thailand.

You might be considering a nearby move to a new home, just down the road or to another location within the city. Alternatively, you could be planning an inter-city move from the lively metropolis of Bangkok to some of the tranquil islands of Phuket and Koh Samui, or to the hilly region of Chiangmai. Regardless of the destination, USP Relocations guarantees a secure and an unforgettable experience.

Inter-City Moves

If you are planning to move to a different province within the Kingdom of Thailand, whether for a new job or a change of scenery, have you taken into account all of the necessary planning and measures required to ensure that your household items arrive at your new abode in good condition?

We assume you have, as you are searching for a moving company like us and reading this now. While we have no doubt that someone like you could manage the move independently, wouldn’t it be easier to have a team of experienced professionals with all the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise to lend a hand?

At USP Relocations, that is precisely what we offer. Our exceptional packing services, well-maintained fleet of vehicles, and fully trained moving team will go the extra mile to guarantee that your move is not only hassle-free but also enjoyable.

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Local Move Within Bangkok

Bangkok is renowned for its bustling and crowded streets, and attempting to transport all of your belongings to a new home on your own can be a daunting task. Our team of professionals at our Bangkok branch possesses an in-depth knowledge of the city and has encountered and overcome every challenge it presents.
Picture this: you need to transport a 6-seater teak wood dining table to a new location on the 35th floor, but there is no service elevator available. We have successfully tackled such scenarios and many more!
No matter the scale or complexity of the move, we have the experience and expertise to handle it all.

Local Move Within Phuket

Phuket is a vibrant island that boasts a plethora of opportunities. While it may not have the same level of congestion as Bangkok, it still presents a variety of potential hurdles when it comes to moving.
Navigating the island's winding hills with their sharp hairpin turns, and facing long queues when waiting to catch a ferry to one of the nearby islands can be challenging. That's why it is advisable to trust the experts who are adept at handling any and all issues that may arise. Our Phuket office will provide unwavering support and guidance throughout your move.

Local Move Within Koh Samui

With its sandy beaches, fabulous lifestyles and its number of golf courses, there's no better way to define this enchanting land located in the Gulf of Thailand.

One of the region's most famous beaches, Koh Samui boasts mesmerising tropical beauty mixed with a thriving modern lifestyle, making it the perfect option for expatriation and island living.

Domestic VS International Packing

It’s clear that domestic moves are simpler and cheaper than international ones. This is because there are no shipping, destination, or import fees to consider.

Another factor that contributes to lower costs for domestic moves is the packing process. International shipments require more complex packing due to longer transit times and varying weather conditions. 

Consequently, international packing is more intricate and involves pricier materials.

For example:

  • Double- and even triple-walled boxes are used if necessary.
  • All furniture is wrapped and padded carefully for maximum protection.
  • Personal belongings are packed expertly into boxes, with special attention given to delicate and fragile items.
  • Fragile and delicate items are further protected with custom wooden crates, acid-free tissue, bubble-wrap and polystyrene chips.

To give you an idea of how packing for international shipments differs, more elaborate packing methods are used. However, for local or inter-city moves, domestic packing is much simpler since the transit time is shorter and weather conditions are more stable.

Although some personal belongings will still be packed in boxes, we prefer to use reusable storage bins whenever possible, as they are strong, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Large items like furniture are wrapped in thick, durable fabric that can also be reused, making it a more economical option.

Interestingly, domestic packing provides more protection at a fraction of the cost compared to international packing. We pass on these cost savings to you, our valued customer. Isn’t that great?

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